Top5 Most Effective Lump Charcoal

If you have tried different methods of cooking, like wood, charcoal, gas, etc., as fuel at various times, you should know how each method gives the food a different taste. You see, the fuel you use contributes to the flavor of your food. It is not just the fuel, but its properties and contents as well that influences the taste and smell. Therefore, the quality of the charcoal you are using matters because the quality will alter the flavor. If you want your guests to sing your praises everywhere they go and crave for your food, you should get the best lump charcoal that will add to your flavor. You can even start your own restaurant due to demand! 

  1. Jealous Devil All-Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal  (35LB)

What might irritate you when you buy lump charcoal is the inconsistent sizes. Apparently, this inconsistency is difficult to deal with too. You cannot burn powered charcoal well now, can you? So, this is a charcoal that provides you with both large and small sizes, but mostly consistent ones, and no powder at all. Therefore, you use all of it with no waste.

It burns like the devil in hell as well, and that is probably the reason behind the name. In fact, it creates a great amount of heat that cooks your food fast as well and also burns for a long time. It will leave a good mild smoky flavor in your food. When you are done with cooking, you will be able to easily clean up.

You will enjoy cooking with this charcoal, and people will love the flavor left by it.


  • Consistent sizes
  • Creates a good heat that cooks food well and fast
  • Burns for a good amount of time
  • Well-packed
  • No harmful chemical added
  • Leaves a good flavor
  • Easy to clean


  • According to a few customers, the sizes are not consistent.
  • Smells bad at times
  1. Fogo FHWC35LB 35-Pound All Natural Premium Hardwood

One of the difficult tasks when using charcoal as fuel is lighting it. It takes an effort similar to how the effort primitive people gave to make fire. The Fogo FHWC35LB is a lump charcoal that lights up really quickly, though. Furthermore, it burns hot, and this high heat cooks any of your dishes fast. It also keeps burning for quite a while.

While the product is advertised to be spark-free and consistent in size, a few customers had something else to say. According to them, some of the lumps are too big, while some others are too small to be used conveniently in a smoker. And, the lumps apparently sparkle liked fireworks in some cases, too. However, there are many other who faced no such issues and were just happy with the flavor the charcoal left. So, you should probably just check the packet with your hand to see if it’s damaged.

Apart from that, this is a great charcoal that is usually packed with much attention and care and is also quite affordable.


  • Easy to light
  • Produces a good amount of heat
  • Affordable
  • Good flavor
  • No chemicals used; it is made from oak hardwood.


  • Size of the lumps is not always suitable.
  • Not very clean to work with
  1. Original Natural Charcoal

Want your charcoal to burn long and well? Who doesn’t! Original Natural Charcoal gives attention to this need and fulfills it well with their charcoal. You will love how easily you can light this and how well-lit it stays for a long time. Furthermore, it produces good heat and a good flavor. The flavor comes from a blend of natural materials used in its construction—apple, oak and cherry trees.

While you might or might not like the size of the chunks, most customers who have anything negative to say about it had it against the price and quantity. According to them, the charcoal costs too much for the amount and what it offers. It performs well and is very convenient and high-quality to use. Just not worth the price, according to some people.

Therefore, if you are looking for an easy to use charcoal that will cook your food well leaving a good flavor, but do not minding spending more for a bit less in quantity, this is the one.


  • Lights up fast
  • Burns hot and cooks fast
  • Stays lit for long
  • All natural
  • Leaves a nice unique flavor


  • Sizes may not be consistent
  • Expensive for the quantity it offers
  1. KamadoJoe Big Block Natural Lump Hardwood Charcoal Box

You may have noticed that sometimes to cook your food well. you need to keep the meat on the smoker for longer periods, but, then you face another problem—meat that is too dry. The KamadoJoe has a solution for you to this particular problem. When you want to cook your food slowly and still keep it juicy and yummy with a smoky flavor, this is probably the best lump charcoal to use. Why? Because it uses less heat in total. As a result, it does not burn or dry out the meat. Apart from that, it is super easy to light up and burns clean, as well.

While it promises you big chunks and many did receive the big chunks, many others did not. Some people complained that chunks were not big at all, and most parts of the packets are filled with small chunks, so for the cost, they did not like what they got.

However, if you can check by using your hand and find no such issue, you can try this one out, as it is very convenient to use and also safe.


  • Great for slow cooking
  • Keeps the moisture in your food
  • Easy to light up and does not spark
  • Clean to use


  • Small chunks in abundance at times
  • Expensive for the number of lumps provided

If you are looking for the right amount for the right price, then this is the charcoal you should be looking at. Unlike most other charcoal, it will satisfy you with the size of the lumps that it has in it and the amount for the price about 95% of the time. However, it does not stop there. It also lights up easily, burns for long, and burns clean. In fact, it does not spark, either. It does what any good charcoal you know will do.

However, the size of the lumps might still cause problems. Not all the packets have the right mixture of big and small chunks. Some have chunks too big and some have chunks too small. And, you don’t know which you will receive.

Apart from this one uncertainty issue, this charcoal is great, and it leaves a bold, crispy flavor that everyone will absolutely love.


  • The balanced mixture of small and big chunks
  • Burns well and long
  • Easy to light up
  • Clean usage
  • Completely natural
  • Reasonable price


  • Not all packets contain a consistent chunk size

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